First shots of the decade

First shots of the decade for me. I was invited to a local indoor range, so I shot the Ill-Annoy POlice qual and the Swiss CCW qual with a .22 revolver and .22 autoloader.

The ammo was Winchester M22. The 43C had one Failure to Fire so I applied Immediate Action, to wit: press the trigger again. That solved the stoppage.

With the M&P 22 Compact I had no Failures to Fire or other stoppages.

The Ill-Annoy qual is 30 rounds and the Swiss qual is 18. The target for the Ill-Annoy qual is a piece of legal size paper in portrait mode, so I used my letter size equivalent. The specified target for the Swiss qual has a hit zone approximately equal to the -1 zone of an IDPA target so I used my letter size target to increase the challenge slightly.

They are both timed courses, which can be problematic on indoor ranges. I used theDry Fire Par Time Tracker phone app and corded the phone to Howard Leight Sync Muffs. That solution worked reasonably well.

It was nice to get out and do some shooting.


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  1. Good shooting Sir. A question if you please. I am an old Technotard but use the same Dry Fire Par Time app in and basement designated Dry Fire area, and own a set of Howard Leight muffs. Do you use a Blue Tooth attachment for the muffs (I see them listed on Amazon). The majority of my shooting is in an indoor range these days and I was pondering how to set up the use of the Dry Fire app.
    Thanks in advance, and Thanks for sharing this. I plan to shoot these today with my .22 LCR “pocket pal”.

    1. So far I’ve been using a cord to connect my muffs and phone. I only became aware of the existence of a Bluetooth adapter a couple of days ago. The idea seems to have merit and I’m going to get one to test out.

  2. Thank you Sir. I saw a couple of different ones on Amazon (IIRC) and think I’ll order one and see how it goes.

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