Clarification about the .25 ACP

An article about the .25 ACP pistol cartridge came to my attention today. It says I endorse the use of that caliber for Personal Protection. This is not true. Through personal experimentation, not on humans, I have determined it simply does not have enough penetration to be a viable cartridge for the purpose.

Article in American Shooting Journal - tacticalprofessor gmail com - Gmail

The only incident in my database in which an Armed Citizen was seriously injured after shooting a criminal with a ‘mousegun’ occurred with a .25. The first round bounced off the attacker’s teeth at point blank range.

I would much rather have a .22LR for Personal Protection than any .25 ACP. At least it will penetrate a piece of wood enough to stick in. That has not been my experience the .25 ACP.

Swiss qual 43C

S&W 43C .22LR revolver



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  1. John Van Swearingen

    Is the better performance of the .22 LR a sectional density issue, velocity-from-short-barres issue, or both? 35-45 grains is not much bullet at all, but, presumably, it should penetrate better in a narrower bullet.

    1. John Van Swearingen

      “Barrel,” not “barres.” Typing is hard…

    2. That’s a good question that I can’t answer. I don’t claim to be an expert about the physics of the issue. I just know that I got 18″ of penetration in ballistic gelatin with four layers of denim shooting a Velocitor out of a Beretta 21A. The guy running the test was speechless. No one has ever claimed to get a .25 to do that.

  2. Your mention of .25ACP having bounced off someone’s teeth reminded me of Bill Jordan once saying that .25ACP had bounced off someone’s skull.

    Jamie Carmichael Margaree Valley


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