Evaluating handguns for YOU

This subject came up again today and the evaluation criteria are worth repeating.


Before you buy a gun, you should go to a range that rents guns and try different ones out to see which one is best for you.

What does “try them out” mean? How do we measure “which one is best for you?” Here is a list of worthwhile items to evaluate for you to make an informed decision about an autoloading pistol. For those who are helping a prospective purchaser, demonstrate the technique but then place the pistol in a sterile (unloaded with slide forward) condition and let them do their own evaluation without comment or coaching. You won’t be there to coach them if they need to use the pistol for real; that’s part of the evaluation.

  1. Load the pistol. This has two components.
    1. Load a magazine to full capacity.
    2. Load the fully charged magazine into the pistol and chamber a round.
  2. Manipulate the controls of the pistol.

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2 responses

  1. greetings, excellent article, thank you

    I have a comment about your printable target, i dont think it’s scaled properly, looks smaller than supposed to be.. Just an FYI

    thanks for very informative info… DB

  2. My wife liked a pistol based on how it felt. We went to the range and she couldn’t physically rack the slide. We bought her a revolver that she also liked.

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