Vallejo Parking Lot Shooting – Collateral Action

off-duty cop shoots and kills father-of-six

How about that as a way to describe a convicted felon who kept “a semi-automatic handgun with a 30-round magazine [in] its hiding place under the hood”

Hat tip to my friend and colleague Greg Ellifritz for bringing up the incident. Greg mentioned the fact that concealing weapons [and drugs] underneath the hood is a common technique for the criminal element.

The Vallejo POlice Department posted several videos of the incident on YouTube.

Video #4 is very useful from the collateral action (avoidance of becoming collateral damage) perspective.

It wasn’t these folks’ first rodeo; you don’t see them trying to get video for WorldStar.

Bystanders (upper left and upper right) recognize the ugliness developing and begin to run for their lives at 1:40

collateral avoidance annotated

Suspect enters camera view from left at 1:43

Bystander near house in upper right drops flat to ground at 1:45

Suspect drops to ground incapacitated at 1:47

There will be an in-depth analysis of the entire incident on my Patreon page.

One response

  1. Cops bad.
    Aspiring rappers / construction workers / fathers of 6* good.

    *that we know of… how many mothers? Just curious.


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