The Value of Spot shooting


A friend of mine asked an excellent question on Facebook. “If you were going to pick a target for general training purposes, which of these nine would it be?” He included a photo array of commonly used silhouette targets.

Charles Riggs target question display

My reply was:

Since I am a believer in and practitioner of spot shooting, there’s [sic] none of these I find particularly appealing.

Ed McGivern, one of the greatest handgun shooters who has ever lived, could shoot 5 shots into a playing card in 3/5ths of one second. When asked how he could do it, his reply was, “I’m not aiming at the card, I’m aiming at a spot on it.”

The Complete Book of Modern Handgunning, published in 1961, also has some interesting commentary about spot shooting in Chapter 11, How to Shoot.

practical spot shooting from handgunning

Knowledge about shooting, just like many aspects of human knowledge, tends to be forgotten over time, sometimes relatively short periods of time. Five years is a commonly cited benchmark, which is why the topics in gun magazines run in about a five year cycle. Spot shooting is another bit of knowledge that we’ve let fall by the wayside.

There is a longer discussion, some drills, and a practice target on my Patreon page.

My Patreon cover shows a demonstration of spot shooting.

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  1. Relatively new to shooting, but the bug has bitten me hard. I like the tone and focus of the writings. Will be a regular visitor. Thanks!

  2. Brandon Holgersen

    Have you seen lucky gunner’s .22 ammo gel test and if so what are your thoughts on it? Truly interested in your opinion, because I had previously thought .22 was viable and now I’m not so sure.

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