Off Body Carry Incident

Parks, a legal gun owner, said he took a handgun out of his glove box and got out of his car, keeping the gun at his side.

Self-defense: No charges after fatal shooting in Kroger parking lot that left school protection officer dead

I’m not much in favor of keeping guns in glove boxes, door pockets, etc. but the idea that doing so will certainly lead to your demise is not true either. Many, many incidents have a build up to them, perhaps more than don’t.

Parks then shot Martin twice and called 911.

Note also that the defender fired two shots from his handgun and did not, in fact, need to fire two full magazines of ammunition to kill his attacker.

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4 responses

  1. In this ‘new normal ‘ world of Blindfolded Dart Throwers compelled to throw darts at a dartboard they can’t see… the mere act of following another motorist to deliver road rage ‘justice is wrong on every level. Glad the victim had his own scales of justice.

    Pre-Pandemic… I had one enraged female driver follow a female parent with two kids in her car directly into and through morning carpool drop-off at my school. 8 miles from an I-75 exit… through East Cobb County and onto Campus. When the pursuing driver saw my weapon/uniform and badge… she immediately ran the “I’m the victim” script.

    Not wanting the drama on campus amidst the other freaked out parents we brought the kids and Mom into our front office, made the 911 call and was shocked the road rage driver actually hung around to receive her citation.

    Dashcams are more important than ever.

  2. My training has been to avoid confrontation whenever possible. I think the shooter is very fortunate that this was ruled self defense rather than mutual combat or a fight. In my opinion this could have easily gone bad for the shooter. But my opinion means nothing and is based on the limited information in the article. And yes, your car ain’t a holster.

  3. Every shooting is an anomaly. Off body is a bad idea, plain and and simple. Just ask the Feebs who were the ’86 Dade County incident. As for shooting a guy who grabbed you – in VA you’d be in jail waiting for arraignment on manslaughter.

  4. Ah yes, another day at Murder Kroger.

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