Control your emotions

A Serious Mistake that will undoubtedly lead to a Negative Outcome.

Publix shopper allegedly shot another in the foot during confrontation, police say

As a friend of mine likes to say:

When you carry a gun, you give up the right to defend your honor.

She is being charged with Aggravated Assault with a Firearm on the first victim and Attempted Murder on the second.

She probably had not read my book Serious Mistakes and Negative Outcomes, which is available on the top of the page in Tactical Professor Books, along with my other books.

2 responses

  1. Someone commented on Facebook:

    “Carrying should be a leash for your emotions, not a license to start [trouble].”

    That’s well put.

  2. Sorry, the book title I see in your ebook list is “Serious Mistakes Gunowners Make” … I presume that’s the one you mean, which I’m buying tomorrow. If the one referenced in the article is the correct title, I’m not seeing it.

    Great blog — thank you for your counsel!

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