Why we practice marksmanship – number 2

Investigators say Mills walked into the bathroom where the female homeowner was showering. She screamed and her husband ran in to confront Mills. Police say Mills had a knife and stabbed the husband in the face and stomach before running from the home.


A downrange drill including standoff.

Once again, we’re more likely to need to do a close range precision shot on a predator than a 25 head shot on a terrorist. Let’s use ‘hit a 4 inch circle at 10 feet’ as a definition of ‘close range precision shot.’ That’s the standard to pass the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course. Just like BOPS, our standard should be 100% hits for a five shot string.

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  1. Good evening Mr. Werner,

    I enjoyed the post and appreciate the thought you have put in to this. My only question is whether you might have an alternate suggestion for target set up comparable to the one in this post and you one before. I shoot at two restrictive ranges without the ability to shoot targets spaced as indicated in your diagram.

    Thanks for your work and interesting posts.


    Robert Dunlap


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