Teach your children to shoot

In the current political situation, if you have teenage children and haven’t taught them how to shoot a rifle adequately, you’re wrong, PERIOD.

I have taught a number of teenage boys to pass the Ohio POlice Rifle Course in just a couple of hours. Girls could do it just as easily. It’s not the greatest qualification course but it’s short, easily administered, and someone who can pass it is a force to be reckoned with, especially from a fixed position or support role.

With the exception of the reload in Stage Six, the entire Course can be done even using a tube fed autoloading .22 rifle with iron sights. The reload can still be done with a tube fed autoloader but probably not in the time frame allotted. Although many people think that a .22 rifle can only cause a bee sting, they are sadly mistaken. Rifles in .22 caliber are highly lethal within 25 yards, often even with only one shot.

Our great Nation is in perilous times and it behooves us to be ready for what’s to come.

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  1. Christopher Carroll

    Given the number of people limited to indoor ranges, sensitive to recoil and muzzle blast and concerned with ammo cost and availability, I think basic combative training with .22 rifles is something we should be paying a lot more attention to.

  2. Claude,
    Timely article. Everyone needs the skill to protect themselves and loved ones.

    We started teaching the kids safety at a very early age. Once they knew the 4 rules and practices good muzzle and trigger discipline we were ready to start live fire practice. The book “Safety On” was popular with our kids. They essentially memorized it and the illustrations are more than adequate.

    We’ve always treated guns as any other tool. They’re dangerous if misused and you need training to operate them safely. They’re maintained and put away when not in use. No mysteries. Our kids are allowed supervised dry practice on request. That’s eliminated all the curiosity about guns. They’re no more mystical than a circular saw or drill press. Just tools that mature people operate safely to do the job at hand. Sometimes that job is culling groundhogs around the barns.

    I would also recommend that everyone teach their kids how to operate a fire extinguisher. It’s an important piece of safety equipment that every home should have on hand.

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  4. Do you have the dimensions for the OPOTC RQT-2?

    Also this looks useful http://www.printtargets.net/

    1. Any silhouette is acceptable in this context.

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    A very timely article from The Tactical Professor.

  6. The Ohio rifle qualification is a good starting point, not a tactical skill set. My department recently had a brand new hire. Never fired or held an AR in her life. Handed her the firearm, gave her a quick lesson on how to operate the AR and let her run through the qualification as a warm up. She passed with 1 miss. Teach your children to shoot, because police aren’t being held to a higher standard when it comes to firearms proficiency.

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