Once you can shoot…

Some instructors, including myself, had an interesting discussion on Facebook about the phrase “once you can shoot.”

My question to the group was ‘What does that mean?’ I asked it as a serious question. The personal journey I’ve made in answering that question over time has been interesting. My answers to myself about it have changed dramatically as a result of some related research I’ve done. The two most significant areas of research were Negative Outcomes and what higher level thinkers in the POlice community had to say. The discussion was involved enough that I wrote a Patreon post about it.


I’m making the Patreon post public because I think it’s a much neglected philosophical discussion. At The Mingle this month, I asked the ladies present to write out their personal policy about when to draw or present a weapon. It was the first time that many of them had ever been asked to do that. We need to realize that ‘Have Adequate [Hard] Skills’ is only one aspect of the issues we face.

Marksmanship is a hard skill but soft skills are important too.

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  1.  Well your post got an email (mine), blocked. Apple owns us. Facebook too. I’m surprised you use it. I attempted to forward your most recent post (on deciding when to shoot) and it bounced back)” due to potential spam”. Isn’t it just lovely to have dear big brother looking out for us.


  2. I’m making the Patreon post public

    You can make them all public as far as I am concerned.

  3. importfighter01

    Claude – Just saw this. Highlights skills mentioned here plus importance of pepper spray which you have been discussing recently.


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