Duel at the Dumbster (Part VI)


“Another delay is expected this month in the murder trial of an Abilene father and son accused of killing their neighbor over a dispute about a mattress in 2018, a court official said this week.”

Read more at: https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article264129071.html#storylink=cpy

“A new date has not been scheduled, but the Millers are expected to go on trial in early 2023, court officials said.”

They’re probably happy that they’re out on bond. It appears that they had to spend from September of 2018 until April 2019 in the can (jail). Whether they had their Man Locks during their jail stay is unknown.

Killing someone, no matter how obnoxious the person is, over a mattress is a Serious Mistake.

“Court documents said police reviewed the video and determined the Millers were likely tired of Howard acting out and threatening them verbally.”


As anyone who has been involved in the court process can tell you, it’s a living Hell, even before you go to trial. It will be around four and a half years for them, assuming they get to trial in early 2023. My colleague John Murphy https://www.fpftraining.com/ commented:

“The process is the punishment.”

This incident was so ridiculous and avoidable that I have written a series of articles about it.

Unjustified Killings


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