Gun Training from Friends and Relatives

This is a good example of why “My uncle is a veteran and he taught me to shoot” isn’t the hot ticket.

Watching the video in slow motion and looking at the track of the hits, it’s fairly clear that every hit on the roof and back of his car was created by the homeowner. Negative Outcome. There’s a hit on the side glass that probably came from the criminals and started it all.

This story was sent to me by a friend from the original tip on Gun Free Zone I agree with this commentary.

He is very lucky to have survived and to have not been charged with a crime for filling a neighborhood with bullets.

Suppressive fire has its place in a combat zone but not in your own neighborhood.

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  1. Indeed 😜

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  2. One other negative outcome – the hoodlum stole a gun from the homeowner’s vehicle.

    1. Maybe that’s why he shot up his own car; to make sure they didn’t steal it too.

      Ya, ya, that’s the ticket.

  3. Hank G. Shepherd

    At least he could put a shirt and good shoes on, might help his aim.

  4. Here’s the rest of the survival lesson. First you have to survive the physical fight, the you have to survive the legal fight.

    Slightly different outcomes, slightly different complexions of some of the actors. Same state, Georgia.

    Here the shooter is celebrated after rounds were sprayed all over the neighborhood.

    Here the shooter and his son, and a third man who only followed to record the incident on his cellphone, received two life sentence each for only one dead criminal. And they didn’t spray bullets all over the neighborhood.

    Click to access full.pdf

    These two cases are like a laboratory experiment. In the US today, you can do no wrong if you have a certain complexion, and can do no right if you have an evil complexion.

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