Failure Drill?

A friend of mine sent me a link to the Maine [POlice] “Plain Clothes Course of Fire” Pistol Qualification.

As with many current POlice Qualifications, it includes a “Failure Drill = (2 to the chest and 1 to the head),” in this Course three times. The terminology evolved from what was originally called the “Mozambique Drill.”

Consider the “Failure Drill” as it’s currently taught and evaluated. It has been bastardized the same way the “OODA Loop” has been. The drill isn’t actually structured to deal with a Failure. The concept of Failure requires an assessment of the efficacy of the original effort. Assessing the target’s reaction or lack thereof to the first two shots was an explicit part of the drill as originally taught by LAPD Officers Larry Mudgett and John Helms.

When the structure of the drill is such that the transition from the two chest shots to the head is immediate and pre-programmed, no assessment is involved. Rather such a drill is structured to ensure the recipient is killed from the get go. It should be called the “Anchor Drill” or “Kill Drill.” That’s not to say there might not be a justifiable reason to anchor the adversary. However, let’s not have any illusions about what the object of the exercise is and call it something it’s not.

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  1. But, “Mozambique” sounds more exotic and certainly more politically correct than “Kill Drill”.

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  2. TV and the movies have polluted our brains about how folks react to being shot. After 20 years in Detroit as a Tac Unit, SWAT, and Homicide copper we could be here all night just discussing the events I’ve actually witnessed. We shoot to stop and not to kill though often one is not possible without the other.

  3. Don’t be distracted, it’s Jim Zubiena.

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