Don’t Shoot Through Windows

Another sad and unnecessary incident for the Negative Outcomes database.

Texas maintenance worker checking pipes killed after he was mistaken for intruder

The resident, mistakenly believing his apartment was being burglarized, grabbed a gun and shot Montelongo through the window.

The only element of the Can May Must Should paradigm that was fulfilled was CAN. There’s a good chance now that the shooter will end up doing time in prison.

Serious Mistake and Negative Outcome

To paraphrase ‘the great Morpheus’:

2 responses

  1. That was a stunningly bad decision making process. I hope the shooter rots in prison.

  2. On one hand the resident made a judgement error that proved fatal for the pipe checker. Damn shame. On the other hand, a one shot stop. In a Fair World he should be sentenced to life in prison, training LEO’s pistol marksmanship.

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