Lucky Penny Saves the Day

Another motorized maniac tried to nail me on my walk today. Fortunately, I had found a Lucky Penny earlier during the walk. It was heads-up on the ground and Abe Lincoln told me to keep my head up and eyes on the horizon while I was walking.

As I entered a crosswalk, a motor assassin in a two ton Armored Pedestrian Killer (Dodge Ram pick-‘em-up truck) blew through a left turn at high speed. Because Abe had told me to keep my head up, I had my eye on the maniac as I entered the intersection. Sure enough, he roared through with pedal to the metal. I jumped back out of his path and away he went. As I jumped back, I almost fell but didn’t quite. Hopefully, if I had fallen I could have made a good Parachute Landing Fall when I made contact with the ground.

I’m very grateful to Abe for telling me to keep my head up and eyes on the horizon while I was out. The last assassin didn’t get me because I was aware of my surroundings and this one didn’t either. Another thing I’m grateful for is that I studied how to make contact with the ground without becoming a casualty. That was the single most important thing I learned from various martial arts.

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2 responses

  1.     Mr. Werner,

        Would you be surprised that 8500 deaths occur each year from US Citizens that are driving under “revoked drivers license status”, according to the NTSB? I found that stat quite amazing and will continue to assume that areas with large populations will continue to allow little to no repercussions when it comes to violators of DOT law. The country has been in moral decline for sometime now and folks like us are in a war of attrition when it comes to safety, core moral values and ethics. We may win or survive our battles as you did on your walk but the war will eventually be lost.

        I know you will make the most of your time while times continue to be pretty good.     Sorry for the pessimism this Monday. Kisses and Hugs,

        Paul in Wisconsin.

  2. Many give the other the ‘finger’ I use a thumbs up. Means the same to me, probably less offensive to the others, at least in terms of starting fights. YMMV.

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