Revolver Handgun To the Rescue

From The Armed Citizen column of the May 2023 NRA Official Journals


“A 71-year-old man was walking home from a takeout restaurant on March 2 when two men reportedly emerged from an alley and attempted to rob him at gunpoint. The man pulled out a revolver and exchanged fire with the suspects, who then fled. The armed citizen unfortunately sustained a wound to his ankle but was otherwise unhurt. The suspects had not yet been apprehended at the time of our reporting. (, Philadelphia, Pa., 3/3/23)”

According to 6abc Philadelphia , “The 71-year-old pulled out his revolver handgun and exchanged gunfire with the suspects”. The defender ‘emptied’ his revolver handgun at the robbers; one story indicated he had fired five shots. POlice spokesperson Chief Inspector Scott Small indicated that victim fired multiple shots and the perpetrators had fired two shots at the intended victim.

In an interview from his hospital bed with Fox News, the would-be victim said, “At night, I would keep my hand on my [revolver handgun] in my pocket in case I have to pull it out”. He has a license to carry.

The Bottom Line was that he was armed and forced the robbers to Break Contact by shooting at them with his revolver handgun. Breaking Contact (Part I)

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  1. Taking a round is not optimum, but kudos to the victor for having the mindset, tools, and plan to counter-ambush his attackers. Hopefully they will think twice about the next “helpless old man” they come across.

  2. David Rodgers

    I love it!  71 isn’t too far off for me. 


    div>A good way to fight crime is to shoot back. It’s almost totally unexpected from the bad guys it seems

    Dia ‘S mo Anail David


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