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Keeping dryfire interesting

How much you last practiced isn’t as important as when you last practiced.

Tom Givens

One of the Facebook groups I’m a member of is called 1000 Days of Dryfire Challenge. It’s a group whose members have committed to doing my ‘1000 consecutive days of dryfire’ concept. What I found the first time I did the 1000 days was that regularly devising new regimens and switching them around was important to keep the program interesting and avoiding boredom with doing a single regimen all the time.

A regimen I’ve been doing the past few days is a dryfire version of the Federal Air Marshal Tactical Pistol Course. The target I made is a reduced scale triple QIT printed on 11×17 paper at FedEx Office. It’s scaled for 2.5 yards. What I do is print the image from a flash drive on 11×17 paper at FedEx office and set the copier to ‘resize to fit page.’ Resizing is one of the menu options when printing from a flash drive. Feel free to download the image and try it yourself.

Triple QIT for legal landscape grey background v2The spacing isn’t quite wide enough on a single piece of paper but nothing is perfect. I punched a hole in the paper at the measured middle point so I can hang it on a picture hanger in the wall. Regular paper tends to sag when hung on the wall, so I stapled it to a piece of cardstock.Triple QIT on wallI’m using my SCCY pistol because it’s DAO with second strike capability so I can pull the trigger on almost all the shots. The only one I have to fudge is the final stage because it involves two strings starting with a slide lock reload. I start those strings with the slide locked back, so the first shot is a dead trigger.

Since the TPC is based on Par times, like most police courses, I set the par times on one of my CED 6000 timers. It’s a great training timer, which isn’t made any more, unfortunately. The CED has an option for multiple strings of par time, which makes it easy to set up the multiple string stages. Like most timers, it only sets par times to one tenth of a second, so I round the times down, e.g., 1.65 becomes 1.6 seconds.

Federal Air Marshal Tactical Pistol Course (TPC)

Drill Starting Position Seconds Allowed Total Rounds
One Round (twice). Concealed Holster 1.65 (3.30 total) 2
Double Tap (twice) Low Ready 1.35 (2.70 total) 4
Rhythm; fire 6 rounds at one target; no more than 0.6 between each shot. Low Ready 3.00 6
One Shot, speed reload, one shot (twice). Low Ready 3.25 (6.50 total) 4
One Round each at two targets 3 yards apart (twice). (Use the outer targets. I go left to right for one string and right to left for the other.) Low Ready 1.65 (3.30 total) 4
180 degree pivot. One round each at 3 targets (twice). Turn left, then right. Concealed Holster 3.50 (7.00 total) 6
One Round, slide locks back; drop to one knee; reload; fire one round (twice). Low Ready 4.00 (8.00 total) 4


  1. TIME: Cannot exceed total time for each Drill. Example: Drill #1 – 1st time 1.70 seconds, 2nd time 1.55 seconds; Total = 3.25 seconds = Go. Must achieve a “GO” on each Drill.
  2. ACCURACY: Target is FBI “QIT” (bottle). Total rounds fired is 30. Point value that hit the inside bottle = 5. Point value touching line or outside bottle = 2. Maximum possible score = 150. Minimum qualifying score = 135.

All stages must equal “GO” to qualify.

This is a fun course that only takes a few minutes to do but tests a number of skills and is fun, at least for me.