Fundamentals of dry practice

Although dry practice (aka dry fire) is often recommended, many shooters are unclear about the specifics of dry practice. Here is a short video, first in a series, to get gunowners started.

A short dry practice explanation

This series will include a video about safety procedures and a few sessions. I hope it will be useful to my readers and clients.

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6 responses

  1. GOOD STUFF!!! Can I re-post?

    Gary J. Glemboski


  2. Great Information, super content, absolutely hate computer generated voice, way too much like death by power point.

    1. I understand about the voice. Since, like all firearms instructors, I like to hear myself talk :), I would prefer to do the narration myself. Unfortunately, my voice hasn’t quite recovered from having a ventilator shoved down my throat twice this year. Sometimes, my voice cracks so much, I just can’t do the narration. Hopefully, that situation will improve in the future.

  3. BTW, the website says Combat Appendix Holster is Currently Not Available.

    Is this a temporary situation?

    If this will remain unavailable, will the payment be refunded?

    Carl Floto 512-484-2444


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